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In Greater Houston area and beyond, HIADA is dedicated to improving the automobile industry through mutual guidance, education and networking. With an emphasis on fair and ethical business practices, HIADA encourages high standards for all auto dealers. We also strive to help consumers make better-informed decisions when shopping for a used car.



HIADA works to monitor and promote local and other legislation in the best interest of  both dealers and consumers. When appropriate, HIADA will work to defeat any legislation adverse to the best interest of the trade, and as in all legal efforts, there is safety in numbers. By gaining new members and regular participation by the membership, HIADA is better equipped to effect change that benefits everyone.

HIADA holds regular monthly meetings to teach and discuss timely and important dealer issues. We often invite guest speakers with expertise on one or more industry topics, and members always learn something new. HIADA meetings are held in a professional-yet-casual environment, where members and visitors can participate and network with other independent dealers. So whether you’re a new dealer, a seasoned veteran or just visiting, an HIADA meeting has something for you!

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